To Foster the Development of all Sports Shooting relevant to BPC, by Providing Opportunities;

  • To create a platform for Members and their families to Receive Assistance and Guidance in order to increase their Proficiency Levels with the Safe & Responsible handling and Use of Firearms.
  • To provide a Safe Venue for Shooting, that as a minimum Meets National Legislative Requirements with a view to exceeding such.
  • To ensure that Firearm Safety is regarded to be of Paramount Importance, in the pursuit of all these activities.
  • To Promote Fellowship and Good Sportsmanship.
  • To implement a Sports Shooting Development Plan in order to Further the Ability and Performance of our Dedicated Sports Shooters in order to Attain and Consistently Maintain, Results of an Exceptionally High Standard.
  • To Promote the Development of Young Sports Shooters in a Controlled Environment, Ensuring Safety and Responsibility is Maintained at a High level.
  • To ensure there are Equal Opportunities, for members of Previously Disadvantaged Communities, Women and Youth in the sport.
  • To provide World Class Facilities, that are Well Maintained with a High Standard of Housekeeping & Safety.
  • To project a Professional Image and Create a Reputable Brand on a Local and National level.