ISSF shooting at Bellville Pistol Club: A brief overview.

ISSF Target
ISSF Target

ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation) disciplines include the type of shooting you may have seen in the coverage of the Olympic Games on TV. At BPC we shoot mainly the pistol events of course, but more on rifle ISSF events later.

These events are:

  • 10 Meter Air Pistol – an event for men, ladies and juniors. This is slow and deliberate shooting at 10 meters. An Olympic event.
  • Standard Pistol – This has both slow deliberate and timed fast shooting at 25 meters. A great all round target shooting challenge.
  • 25 Meter Pistol – Also deliberate and fast shooting. Very popular and competitive. A women’s Olympic event, but shot by men and women as separate events in SA.
  • Centre Fire – Same course of fire as 25 Meter Pistol. Usually a men’s shoot, but ladies welcome of course!
  • Rapid Fire Pistol – This is the “sprint” of ISSF shooting at 25 meters. An Olympic event.
  • 50 Meter Pistol – A slow and deliberate marathon requiring great concentration. An Olympic event, but about to be replaced by a combined men and women’s team event.
  • 50 yards – This is not an ISSF event, but popular nevertheless with all. Slow and deliberate.

All events are shot with .22 pistols, except of course Air Pistol (.177 cal.) and Centre Fire (up to .38 cal.).

ISSF shooting is a demanding sport, with the emphasis on sport. It requires practice and dedication to master. Although beginners may find the disciplines intimidating and demanding, it has often been said that if you want to learn how to shoot properly, there is no better place than ISSF. If you like a challenge, ISSF is for you.

At BPC, we have a small but dedicated ISSF following who are always willing to help a newcomer. BPC has excellent range facilities for ISSF; in fact the facility was originally designed and built with ISSF in mind.

To accommodate ISSF we have:

  • A 20 bay, 25 meter range with automated turning targets.
  • A 20 bay, 50 meter range with fixed targets.
  • A 10 meter indoor air pistol range with motorised targets.

The 10 meter indoor air pistol range also accommodates ISSF air rifle shooting, which has an active following.

ISSF Small Bore Rifle shooting also has a small but dedicated following on the 50 meter range.

Anyone interested in ISSF shooting is more than welcome at Bellville Pistol Club!

For more detailed information on ISSF shooting: