Duty style revolver max. 6″ Capable of chambering and firing a 148/158-grain .38 special load.
Trigger Pull at least 3, pounds / 1360 grains
Factory manufactured, with no external modifications except: for grips/stocks which may be modified or changed because of the size of competitors hand or to facilitate loading. Honing of the sear or the sear notch in the hammer to make a more crisp trigger pull and smooth the action.


Bullet must be .38-148/158 grs Reloaded ammo must have factory/duty-style energy.
No internal modification may be made that would render the revolver less safe than originally designed by the manufacturer.


Fixed or adjustable rear sight. Adjustable front sight is not permitted. Only sights from the original manufacturer of the gun!

Specially Prohibited

Any system of recoil control based on compensators, barrel venting or barrel porting. No weighted grips or grip panels


Competitors must have a minimum of Gold grading in Police or Service pistol events to enter, or in the opinion of the range officer be suitably safe and have had some holster training.

Course of Fire

Stage 1:

7 meters – 20 seconds – 12 shot (double action only)
Standing without support, one or two handed.

Stage 2:

25 meters – 90 seconds – 18 shot (double action only)
The same as the 1500 Match 2, 6 shot: kneeling 6 shot: standing, left hand, left side post 6 shot: standing, right
hand, right side post.
Change/Score target

Stage 3:

50 meters – 165 seconds – 24 shot (single action allowed)
like the 1500 match 3, 6 shot: sitting 6 shot: prone (where prone is not possible: kneeling, post optionally)
6 shot: standing, left hand, left side post 6 shot: standing, right hand, right side post.

Stage 4:

25 meters – 12 seconds – 6 shot (double action only) standing without support. Score target.


There is no allowance for malfunctions.