1. Firearms: Any centrefire pistol or revolver .354 to .455 calibre. One spare magazine or quick loader and a suitable holster. Shoulder or cross draw holsters are not permitted
  2. Sights: Any metal sights which may be adjustable and any colour. Orthoptics are not permitted.
  3. Grips: Any wood, plastic or rubber grips which properly fit the firearm. (No target grips)
  4. Safety: Any safety that is fitted must operate.
  5. Trigger: In the opinion of the Range Officer, the trigger must be safe.
  6. Positions:
    (a) Prone (with both elbows behind firing line).
    (b) Standing unsupported.
    (c) Kneeling or sitting (both buttocks on the ground and with feet behind the firing line).
    (d) Standing, left hand barricade, with pistol in the left hand.
    (e) Standing, right hand barricade, with pistol in the right hand. One or two hands may be used throughout the competition.
  7. Ready Position: Standing, with pistol or revolver holstered, hand must be clear of the pistol grip
  8. Targets: One PAA Figure per Competitor.

Course of Fire

6 sighting shots at 50M in 5 minutes. Telescopes may be used for spotting (66 rounds).

Practice A 12 rounds.

7M 6 shots in 5 secs. Standing. Shot Twice.

Practice B 24 rounds in 3 minutes.

50M 6 shots prone.
6 shots kneeling or sitting.
6 shots left hand barricade, standing.
6 shots right hand barricade, standing.

Practice C 24 rounds in 2 minutes.

25M 6 shots standing, unsupported.
6 shots kneeling or sitting.
6 shots right hand barricade, standing.
6 shots left hand barricade, standing.

Note: In Practices B and C all reloading must take place after changing positions.


Other than the sighting series no telescopes are allowed. Revolvers will be loaded and holstered but not cocked until clear of the holster. Self-loading pistols may be loaded and cocked but without a round being chambered. Only one pre-filled quick loader or spare magazine maybe used, and the remaining ammunition for the practice must be carried on the person and not placed on the ground. In Practices B and C, once the pistol or revolver is loaded the Competitor will have one spare filled magazine or quick loader, and 12 loose rounds in a pocket, belt or pouch which must be loaded by hand during practice. Full use must be made of the protective factor of the barricades and when required the pistol must change hands.


There is no allowance for malfunctions