1. Firearms: Any pistol or revolver. (.354 to.455calibre), No porting or compensators allowed.
2. Sight: Any metal sights, which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics not allowed.
3. Grips: Orthopaedic-type grips are not allowed in this competition.
4. Trigger: In the opinion of the range officer the trigger must be safe.
5. Position: Standing. Both hands may be used to hold or steady the firearm.
6. Ready Position: Pistol held with arm(s) below 45 degrees pointing at ground
7. Targets: PS5. One per competitor.
8. Ammo: 30 rounds, to be supplied by the competitor.

Course of Fire

Practice 1

25 M: 12 shots in 120 seconds (to include reloading).

Practice 2

15 M: shot in strings of 6. The target will make 6 appearances of 2 seconds with intervals of about 5 seconds.
One shot to be fired at each appearance.
This detail to be shot twice.

Practice 3

10 M: 6 shots. The targets will make 3 appearances of 2 seconds with
intervals of 5 seconds. Six shots to be fired. Two at every appearance.
Resume the ready position between target exposures i.e.: 45 degrees or more below the line of sight.


There is no allowance for malfunctions.