1. Firearms: Any factory issue centre-fire ” Pocket Pistol” porting or compensators allowed.
  2. Size: All firearms must fit into a box size Dimensions 180x140x40mm (5mm tolerance in one direction only) (No firearms modified to fit the above rules will be allowed.)
  3. Sights: Any type of sights which may be adjustable, any colour. Orthoptics not allowed.
  4. Grips: Standard factory or street grips, no Target grips are not allowed in this competition.
  5. Trigger: In the opinion of the range officer the trigger must be safe.
  6. Position: Standing. Both hands may be used to hold or steady the firearm.
  7. Ready Position: Pistol held with arm(s) below 45 degrees pointing at ground
  8. Targets: One per competitor.
  9. Ammo: 30 rounds, to be supplied by the competitor.

Course of Fire

Practice 1

15 M: 10 shots in 100 seconds (to include reloading).

Practice 2

10 M: shot in strings of 5. The target will make 5 appearances of 2.seconds with intervals of about 5 seconds. One shot to be fired at each appearance. This detail to be shot twice.

Practice 3

7 M: 5 shots. The targets will make 3 appearances of 2 seconds with intervals of about 5 seconds. Five shots to be fired. One at any one of the three appearances and two each in the remaining appearances. (2.2.1) (2.1.2) (1.2.2) Not (3.1.1) This detail to be shot twice. In details 2 and 3, firearms must be returned to the ready position between target exposures i.e.: 45 degrees or more below the line of sight.


There is no allowance for malfunctions