Dry Firing – Simply Explained

Dry Firing, is “Firing your Firearm” without live ammunition.
The objective is to simulate shooting, whilst applying the 7 fundamentals (Stance, Grip, Breathing, Trigger Squeeze, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and last but not least, Follow-through) without an actual shot going off as you do not use live ammunition.

Make sure there is no live ammunition anywhere near you, not on you, not next to you, not in your firearm and nowhere near you! If you do not comply with this compulsory requirement, you are guaranteed to have a loss producing incident (Wherein someone could be severely injured and or fatally wounded). Safety at all times please.

The Golden Rules:

  1. Always identify a safe direction and Point your firearm in the direction away from people.
  2. Always Keep Finger off trigger.
  3. Always treat every firearm as though it is loaded.
  4. Always know your target, what is beyond and where the bullet will stop.
  5. Remove the magazine, place it far away from yourself and your firearm.
  6. Pull the slide back, check the chamber and magazine-well to see both are free of ammunition and are empty.
  7. Release the slide under control, finger off trigger, check one last time before completely releasing the slide.
  8. Point the firearm in a safe direction and squeeze the trigger.
  9. If you are sure, 100% certain your firearm is safe, you may proceed.

You will need a white square of paper, 100mm x 100mm or a target. Place such at the end of a passage on a door or wall. Ensure there are no people who are behind the door or who may cross the path of the muzzle of the firearm.

For simple simulation, facing down range, load the magazine with a dummy round or snap cap, draw your firearm with a secure grip, insert the magazine and cock, load your firearm.

Point such at 45 degrees to the target, apply the 7 fundamentals.

Stand ready, come up on target and as rapidly as necessary, squeeze the trigger and take the shot, Remember the follow through, during this time, see if the sights moved. The sooner you can achieve this exercise without moving the muzzle or shifting the sights out of alignment the better.

Like all things, it takes practice and we recommend, 2, 10-minute session per day. Shooting is like cooking, what you put in and how well you do it, is what you get out.

Work hard, be dedicated and be committed and you will see the results on your target! Good luck, have fun, Safely & Responsibly!